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Mental Health Explorer: Navigating Mental Health Services

This self-directed mini course will encourage appropriate help-seeking behaviours, and will further develop awareness, confidence, and skills in navigating the formal supports available in the community.

Mental Health Explorer focuses primarily on how to navigate within the mental health care system. If you are looking for more information about stress, mental health, or mental illnesses, you can start with EQUIPPED’s other educational course offerings.

The goal of this course is to inform and support individuals on their mental health journey. Understanding the mental health system can be complex and everyone’s situation is unique. This course is designed to provide information, tools, and support.

*Note: While the information in this course can apply to a variety of scenarios, this course refers to features that are relevant to Canada’s mental health services. As a result, information, resources, phone numbers, etc. may not be relevant to all.

This course is not meant to help diagnose or provide treatment advice. Please follow the advice given to you by trusted medical professionals.