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EQUIPPED offers online mental health courses and resources for young adults.

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mental health ExploreR: Navigating mental health services

Featured mental health Courses​ for young adults

Mental Health Matters

This module introduces what it means to be apart of the 2SLGBTQ+ community or to support someone who is.

Mental Health

This module is designed to create a better understanding of mental health and how to support your mental well-being.

Skills for Being There

This module is designed to provide the skills and resources to support the people in your life as they face challenges.

This course has helped me to know that it’s okay to be on the low side sometimes, mental health is just a disease like other diseases that can be treated. There is nothing like stigma that can hold me or my loved one from sharing our feelings and seeking help when needed. People with mental health can still thrive with a good support system around them. Everybody has mental health because it’s part of daily life, and a way to build resilience.

The EQUIPPED program has been initiated by a donation that was provided to CMHA Calgary in memory of Phillip Thomas.

“Our hope is that this program equips teens and young adults with the tools and resources they need to cope with mental health struggles, build resilience, and end the stigma around mental health. CMHA Calgary has helped our family survive this terrible tragedy, and we hope this program can help prevent another one.”
Thomas Family

Stress is part of everyday life and it’s inevitable. Learning about a way to cope with stress in a healthy way is what l am grateful for. l encourage people to take the course.

– PARTICIPANT OF stress management & healthY COPING COURSE

Learn about equipped: mental health courses for young adults

EQUIPPED offers mental health courses and tools for young adults. It provides an online platform for learning through modules and workbooks. EQUIPPED builds on the basic concepts taught in YouthSMART, but expands knowledge for a slightly older audience of emerging adults – ages 16 to 24.

Our free courses take about an hour to complete and include a downloadable workbook. As such, you can complete both the course and the workbook together, or you can choose to start with whichever fits your learning style.

Learn more about EQUIPPED and how you can support the development of future mental health courses.