We are so grateful for the support of donors, funders, and partners who are helping make EQUIPPED possible for youth and young adults to access mental health literacy tools whenever they need them.

Current Supporters:

Help us expand EQUIPPED!

We are looking for supporters to help us expand EQUIPPED! Will you help contribute to building up the mental health of young adults? Contact us at to discuss ways you can get involved or check the list below!

In-Kind Support or Donations

Help us promote EQUIPPED by offering in-kind website design, marketing, or other tools that will help improve our site or spread the word about EQUIPPED! We are also seeking donations of goods or services that can be used as giveaways to help generate interest.

Community Engagement Support

Help us share EQUIPPED! By supporting our outreach and marketing, we can expand our reach and bring the messages of EQUIPPED to even more young people than before. Your support will help us cover advertising, production of printed materials, community engagement sessions, and more.

Mini Course Development Contact us for a quote

We recognize the importance of creating a library of bite-sized mini-courses, as supplementary learning to our full EQUIPPED offerings. These brief, empowering lessons will focus on specific, timely topics, important to young adults, and will help them add key strategies to their mental health toolkit, in just minutes. Possible topics could include: Working through a negative thought, practicing mindfulness, what to expect when seeing a therapist, building a daily mental health routine, etc.

Full Course Development Contact us for a quote

EQUIPPED is always looking to expand our menu of online, work-at-your-own-pace modules, and your sponsorship could support EQUIPPED in launching even more self-directed mental health education modules for young adults. Full length modules are a 1 hour interactive course and downloadable workbook. Possible topics could include: Helping your teen navigate adulthood, coping with depression, coping with anxiety, etc.